Academic Experience


Brandeis University, 1/2010 – present

Associate Professor of Practice, Computer Science. Teaching graduate courses and Industry Liaison in the Computational Linguistics MA program. 7/2016 – present

  • Teaching: Graduate courses in Computational Linguistics. Courses include:
    • CS136 Automated Speech Recognition. This course covers speech recognition from both applied and theoretical perspectives. We will cover the core algorithms used in speech recognition and use the open source Kaldi speech recognizer to explore how the algorithms perform and how changes in the parameters and training data change the performance.
    • CS140 Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning In this course, students work in groups to create your their natural language training corpus for machine learning. Using detailed examples at every step, students learn how the MATTER Annotation Development Process helps to Model, Annotate, Train, Test, Evaluate, and Revise a training corpus.
    • CS233-234:  Discourse and Dialog (website under construction)
  • Teaching: Summer intensive program in Mobile Voice Applications, Summers 2014-16
  • Industry Liaison

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science. Teaching graduate courses in Computational Linguistics and Speech Recognition. 1/2010

Previous academic experience

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                        9/1991 – 7/1993

Research Assistant Professor, Joint position in Computer Science; Language, Literature and Communication; and Philosophy departments to work on the Autopoeisis 2000 project. The goal was computer generation of narratives and stories.

Courses taught: Computer Models of Human Language, Logic in Artificial Intelligence, and AI and Text Generation.

Member of Ph.D. committees:

David A. Ferrucci, “Towards Effective Interactive Configuration in the Logic-Programming Framework”. Computer Science Department. May 1994.

Pat Molholt, “Standardizing Inter-concept Relationships in Knowledge Structuring”, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication, August 1994.

Christopher Welty, “Towards Complete Software Information Systems”. Computer Science Department. August 1994.

State University College at Fredonia                                   9/1978 – 8/1983

Director, The Learning Center, Developed and established a program to provide academic support services for the college and community.

Instructor. Intermediate Programming I (Pascal) Introduction to Computer Science (BASIC), Introduction to Linguistics, English Composition, Expository Writing, Composition for International Students, Study Skills, Vocabulary Development.

Office of Continuing Education. Student advisor, development and administration of non-credit courses, and public relations.

Teaching Assistant. English Department, SUC at Fredonia. Taught freshman composition.

University of Lodz, Poland                                                   9/1977 – 6/1978

Instructor. Taught English as a foreign language to third year college students in the English Institute.