Dr. Marie Meteer is an Associate Professor of Practice in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics at Brandeis Univeristy and an independent consultant with deep technical expertise in speech recognition, natural language processing, analysis of unstructured data, and search, which she applies to helping clients solve problems and make the most of their information and technology. Dr. Meteer teaches graduate courses in the Brandeis University Computational Linguistics Master's Program, including as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Systems in the Medical Domain.

Career Summmary

Current Positions

Consulting Offerings:

Dr. Meteer's consulting practice practice includes:

  • Expert counsel and evaluation of market, business, and technology decisions related to speech and natural language domains
  • Partnering with companies through market penetration and/or technology transition of speech/NLP-related technology/products.
  • Reporting and/or seminars related to speech and language technology and applications in the marketplace

All engagements are developed with the client and tailored to specific needs.

Offerings Description Examples from previous engagements
Market/ Technology Evaluations Ranging from evaluations of a company prior to an investment decision to evaluation of a product's performance on specific data. Speech recognition performance, information extraction and topic detection, and speech analytics
Market/ Technology Research Targeted at collecting and analyzing literature on a paritucular technology or set of technologies and includes comparisons of specific products and analysis of the latest research in that area. Voicemail to text, medical transcription, call center analytics
Seminars and Workshops Designed to provide both a broad view of the speech recognition or natural language processing technologies in your industry and an in depth view of the particular aspects that directly impact your business. Medical Transcription, Closed Captioning, Air Traffic Control Training, and Opinion Research
Patent Research Finding prior art related to a particular patent, including development of claims charts. In Speech Recognition, the work takes advantage of SpeechMap, which is a collection of "hard to find" materials dating back to the 1980's and 1990's. Dictation, interactive systems, core speech algorithms