Selected Presentations & Panels

2014 Mobile Voice, What makes an “Advanced Dialog” Advanced?

2012 Mobile Voice, More data or more knowledge: How to move speech recognition forward?

2011 Mobile Voice: The Speech Technology Consortium and the SpeechMap Project

2010 Mobile Voice Conference panel presentation:

2010 US Patent and Trademark Office, Prior Art Research in Speech Technology

2008 Voice Search Conference panel presentation: Speech recognition in the Enterprise

2006 Speechtek panel presentation “Speech Recognition: The key to the content for multimedia search”

2005 Speechtek Tutorial presentation on “Natural Language: When do you need it and How do you know when it’s working?”

2003 Edify “Listen to your customers! Advanced speech and language technology gives your customers a voice”

2002 Call Center Demo & Conference, panel on “Self-Service Alternatives In An Increasingly Demanding Market”

2001 SpeechTek, panel on “Speech and Knowledge Management”

2000 “Making the Journey from Technical to Management - An Insider's Perspective”, presentation to Women in Technology in the Verizon Technology Organization

2000 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, panel on “Women in Management: Their Perspective”

2000 “The Voice of Technology: Bringing Speech Recognition from the Lab to the Marketplace” Keynote address for Boston University’s Pathways conference for High School girls to introduce them to careers in science and technology.

1999 TechTalks, panel on “Speech to Text: Advancements & Issues”

Selected Publications

MedLingMap: A growing resource mapping the Bio-Medical NLP fiedl, Bio NLP Workshop, 2012

What can NLP tell us about BioNLP (student pape)r, Bio NLP Workshop, 2012 

"Technology Choices for Speech Analytics", White paper, 2011

“Sub-Sentence Discourse Models for Conversational Speech Recognition”, Kristine W. Ma, George Zavaliagkos, Marie Meteer , ICASSP '98, May 12-15, 1998

“Modeling Conversational Speech for Speech Recognition”, M.Meteer & R.Iyer, in Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, University of Pennsylvania, May 17-18, 1996.

“Integrating Symbolic and Statistical Approaches in Speech and Natural Language Applications”, ACL Workshop: The Balancing Act, Combining Symbolic and Statistical Approaches to Language, July 1, 1994.

"Spotting Events in Continuous Speech" P.Jeanrenaud, M.Siu, J.R.Rohlicek, M. Meteer, and H. Gish Proceedings of International Conference of Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP). 1994

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“Evaluation for Generation”, M.Meteer & D.McDonald in Proceedings of the Natural Language Processing Systems Evaluation Workshops, Berkeley, California, June 18, 1991


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7,274,776   2007 Methods and systems for routing a call

6,898,277   2005 Annotating Recorded Information from Contacts to Contact Center