Marie Meteer is a senior technologist in Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing with a broad background in interactive dialog systems, analytics in health care and call centers, and core speech recognition performance.  She has extensive experience in both industry and academia.

  • Associate Professor of Practice, Brandeis University, Computational Linguistics Program in the Computer Science Department
    • Teaching:  Annotation for Machine Learning, Fundamentals of Computational Linguistics, Speech Recognition, Dialog Design
    • Industry Liaison, creating opportunities for our students to meet technologist from area companies looking for interns and employees in computational linguistics and machine learning.
  • Industry Consultant:  Working with organizations to help them employ cutting edge technologies in information extraction, machine learning, and speech recognition.  Current clients include:
    • BBN Technologies, AVOKE Call Center Analytics
    • Partners Healthcare
    • McLean Hospital
    • NavCanada
  • Board member and Treasurer, AVIOS (Advanced Voice Input Output Society)

Industry Experience


Working since 2009 with organizations to help them employ cutting edge technologies in information extraction, machine learning, and speech recognition. Current projects include:

  • McLean Hospital: Consultant on NIH funded project using machine learning for information extraction from medical health records of psychiatric patients to improve prediction of outcome. Supervising Brandeis student intern.
  • Partner’s Healthcare: Consultant on Brigham and Womens’ Hospital AHRQ project “NLP to Improve Accuracy and Quality of Dictated Medical Documents” (Grant number R01 HS024264).
  • BBN Avoke: Consultant on Call Center Analytics projects, developing statistical language models for multiple languages (English, European and Asian languages) and using unsupervised and semi-supervised topic modeling to track important “episodes” in a call.
  • NavCanada: Provide technical support on the use of speech recognition in Air Traffic Control training and simulation software and help design training materials for instructors and users.

Other Clients: CallMiner, Ditech Networks, General Catalyst, RAMP Holdings, Speech Morphing, Transcend, UFA, US Department of Justice, Vlingo, Xtone.

Consulting Engagements

Expert counsel and evaluation of market, business, and technology decisions related to speech and natural language domains. All engagements are developed with the client and tailored to specific needs.

Offerings Description Examples from previous engagements
Technology Direction Working with employees and interns on a project where I bring specific expertise to guide the work. Information extraction from healthcare records, topic identification in call center analytics, language modeling for speech recognition
Market/ Technology Evaluations Ranging from evaluations of a company prior to an investment decision to evaluation of a product’s performance on specific data. Speech recognition performance, information extraction and topic detection, and speech analytics
Market/ Technology Research Targeted at collecting and analyzing literature on a paritucular technology or set of technologies and includes comparisons of specific products and analysis of the latest research in that area. Voicemail to text, medical transcription, call center analytics
Seminars and Workshops Designed to provide both a broad view of the speech recognition or natural language processing technologies in your industry and an in depth view of the particular aspects that directly impact your business. Medical Transcription, Closed Captioning, Air Traffic Control Training, and Opinion Research
Patent Research Finding prior art related to a particular patent, including development of claims charts. In Speech Recognition, the work takes advantage of SpeechMap, which is a collection of “hard to find” materials dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s. Dictation, interactive systems, core speech algorithms


Vice President (2007-2009) Speech and Content. Responsible for the strategic direction of speech and natural language processing technologies to provide search and media marketing for customers such as Fox, Boston.com, NBC, and the Patriots. Analysis of customer data to determine the best strategy for search engine optimization and content merchandizing. Managed patent portfolio, identifying patentable technologies and working with the legal team on new patents.

BBN Technologies

Vice President (6/04 – 4/07) Commercial Speech Solutions, Delta Division. Responsible for technology direction of speech products in both network telephony and large vocabulary speech recognition for search. Product and market evangelism, pre-sales support, product definition, patent portfolio, conduit to BBN R&D team for new technology.

Department Manager (6/03 – 6/04) Call Center Speech Solutions Department. Responsible for a new department focused on products aimed at the telephony speech market. Achieved significant year over year growth and profitability.

More BBN experience

Director (1/00 – 6/03) Program Director for new applications of speech and language technologies in the Customer Contact Center market; business development; negotiating partnerships and VAR agreements; managing the development and delivery of products and services, business planning.

R&D Manager (8/98 – 1/00) Speech and Language Processing Department. Directed more than 50 researchers in speech recognition, topic identification, telephone dialog systems, and information extraction from text and speech. Responsible for line management of $10M in revenue.

Senior Scientist (8/93- 8/98) Speech and Language Processing Department. Co-PI of the Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition project, a $2M per year effort to improve speech recognition performance.

Scientist (8/87 – 9/93) Artificial Intelligence Department. Primary developer of the SPOKESMAN Generation System, which produced text for several applications, including DARPA’s AirLand Battle Management Project.

Academic Experience


Brandeis University, 1/2010 – present

Associate Professor of Practice, Computer Science. Teaching graduate courses and Industry Liaison in the Computational Linguistics MA program. 7/2016 – present

  • Teaching: Graduate courses in Computational Linguistics. Courses include:
    • CS136 Automated Speech Recognition. This course covers speech recognition from both applied and theoretical perspectives. We will cover the core algorithms used in speech recognition and use the open source Kaldi speech recognizer to explore how the algorithms perform and how changes in the parameters and training data change the performance.
    • CS140 Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning In this course, students work in groups to create your their natural language training corpus for machine learning. Using detailed examples at every step, students learn how the MATTER Annotation Development Process helps to Model, Annotate, Train, Test, Evaluate, and Revise a training corpus.
    • CS233-234:  Discourse and Dialog (website under construction)
  • Teaching: Summer intensive program in Mobile Voice Applications, Summers 2014-16
  • Industry Liaison

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science. Teaching graduate courses in Computational Linguistics and Speech Recognition. 1/2010

Previous academic experience

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                        9/1991 – 7/1993

Research Assistant Professor, Joint position in Computer Science; Language, Literature and Communication; and Philosophy departments to work on the Autopoeisis 2000 project. The goal was computer generation of narratives and stories.

Courses taught: Computer Models of Human Language, Logic in Artificial Intelligence, and AI and Text Generation.

Member of Ph.D. committees:

David A. Ferrucci, “Towards Effective Interactive Configuration in the Logic-Programming Framework”. Computer Science Department. May 1994.

Pat Molholt, “Standardizing Inter-concept Relationships in Knowledge Structuring”, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication, August 1994.

Christopher Welty, “Towards Complete Software Information Systems”. Computer Science Department. August 1994.

State University College at Fredonia                                   9/1978 – 8/1983

Director, The Learning Center, Developed and established a program to provide academic support services for the college and community.

Instructor. Intermediate Programming I (Pascal) Introduction to Computer Science (BASIC), Introduction to Linguistics, English Composition, Expository Writing, Composition for International Students, Study Skills, Vocabulary Development.

Office of Continuing Education. Student advisor, development and administration of non-credit courses, and public relations.

Teaching Assistant. English Department, SUC at Fredonia. Taught freshman composition.

University of Lodz, Poland                                                   9/1977 – 6/1978

Instructor. Taught English as a foreign language to third year college students in the English Institute.


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Thesis: “The Generation Gap: The Problem of Expressibility in Text Planning”
  • M.S., Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • M.A., English Linguistics, State University College of NY at Fredonia
  • B.A., English Linguistics, State University College of NY at Fredonia
  • Babson College, MBA program. Courses in Marketing, Accounting, Organizational Behavior
  • Greater Boston Executive Program, MIT Sloan


Email: mmeteer at mac dot com
Cell: seven eight one seven one eight two one oh nine